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My blog is my space to highlight academic work outside of my formal publications. Posts vary from short essays to album reviews to exemplary student work to small sample-digs that I use as warm-ups for my courses. This blog also contains the burgeoning archive of artist interviews that I am collecting for my dissertation, "Writing in the Break."

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New Music Friday: Anderson .Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar "Tints"

What my students think:

Students liked the track or were ambivalent. Students liked how bright it sounded and how the song transitioned well from verse to chorus. The class was in agreement that the song was undeniably funky, and it just made you want to move. They also felt that it could be played in a variety of situations and a variety of decades and still fit well. Overall, good vibes.

One critic felt that the lyrical content was irresponsible and didn't acknowledge the advantage that they have in their positions of power to affect real change. Another critic was familiar with .Paak's music and felt that this was too much like his old work; she wanted more variety like his other single "Bubblin'" on his new album.

What I think:

If you listen to this song and don't start moving, you may not have a pulse (get that checked out!). It is bright, funky, mellow, and it hits you in your hips. I want to see anyone try to listen to this song and not start bopping with it. It's bass line is about as phat as a baseline can get, and it fills the verses and choruses with life. In short, I like it. It's that good good.

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